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  1. recording finished

    Congratulations! Breathe a little. Now get back to work! ;-)

    Bobby - 08/09/2012

  2. recording finished

    Great news! Congratulations Grace :) ♥ Can't wait to hear the new album...

    Vladimir - 08/09/2012

  3. Dublin GIG

    Hey Grace, Great posting of Dublin gig wish I had been there!! Still your number one fan. I'm gona get New Moon which I am sure is great!! Do you have the previous album accoustic for sale still cause my copy didn't survive the many moving I did! Didn't like humidity so not completly caput but the sound isn't great. Keep it great Bisous baci to you and Dan! Karie

    - 10/06/2012

  4. dublin castle

    mighty fabulous gig at the dublin! lovin the new tunes big that opening tune! sorry had to run off just b4 the end. hope you had a grand night. ju

    Ju - 16/05/2012

  5. great gig!

    Thank you for a vocally, visually, & sonically sensational gig at The Dublin Castle (your best ever)!

    John E. - 11/05/2012

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Hundred Years Apart

Hundred Years Apart

New Moon

A glorious sonic collision of musical influences, Grace Solero's debut album New Moon is hypnotic.